Books and more books

I read more than my share of books.  So many I have even forgotten titles I read last week.  I last read the Chili Chronicles.  A book mostly about chili pepper farmers in New Mexico.  Non-fiction, no romance, no intrigue, no diabolical plot.  Just where the best chili peppers are grown and the research to make them better and hotter.  Yes, it has gotten to this point.  Well maybe you might like a snarky New Jersey defense attorney who loves dogs and his wife who is nuts about Christmas.  Both like to defend and solve local murders and its accused.  Or, perhaps you wish to know more about Oklahoma City and its beginnings.  From the “land Run” up to the Flaming Lips and the Oklahoma City NBA Thunder and the bearded James Harden.  Or how about an orthopedic doctor who is befriended by Joe DiMaggio.  A real odd couple.  I read them all.  This all started about 55-years ago when I discovered how to get to the library.  I was living in Hawaii and I read every book I could check out about Hawaii.  Currently I have about six books I am reading simultaneously.  Makes life more interesting.  Be happy.  Read a book.

Published by Charles Oldenfatt the Curmudgeon

If I told you the truth about myself you would think what a wad of chewed gum stuck under a church pew I am. Dull. Ordinary .old and fat

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