Going to build a beautiful turnpike.

So someone said, boy howdy let’s build a turnpike between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Someone else said, “With what money?” Some suggested we can charge a toll to cover the cost of building and paving. Someone else said, “For how long?” “Oh, just a year could cover the cost, “others said. So all said, “Jumping Jack Daniels, Let’s do it.” So they did. The tolls did cover the cost and then some.

So after a year the turnpike was paid off, some said, “Wow. Poke me in the nose. This worked quite well. Let’s keep on charging a toll and use the money to build another road headed south to Lawton. There possibly wouldn’t be enough traffic to pay for that road so we will continue collecting tolls on the OKC/Tulsa road and apply the proceeds to the new road along with tolls collected on the OKC/Lawton toll road. Pretty cool huh?

In the meantime OKC travelers to Tulsa began to complain that the tolls were suppose to end at the end of a year. Plus the travelers from Tulsa to OKC complained the same. When will this ever stop?

Well their complaints fell on politicians and bureaucrats with no ears.

So these someones thought this way of financing new roads works pretty good. Let’s build more highways. We could continue to charge tolls on the OKC/Tulsa turnpike into forever. How cool is that?

So no matter how much the Tulsa and OKC people complained the Turnpike Toll mongers wouldn’t listen. They just kept on building little used roads and mostly funded by continued tolls from the ‘cash cow’ OKC/Tulsa turnpike. Never mind gas or county tax. Then to save the bureaucrats from political revenge the bureaucrats decided to make the turnpike system a private enterprise. So they did. Removing any retribution they may suffer as conniving politicians. Placing any doubt on a for-profit corporation. A corporation manned by friends of the “toll gouging politicians. “Don’t vote me out of office. I have nothing to do with the toll road system.” Yeah right!

And so to this day, any new but seldom used toll roads are mostly funded by the OKC/Tulsa toll road. A road with out of state traffic driving onI-40, I-44, and old route 66. A heavily use corridor across Middle America. Not to mention the dozens and dozens of toll plazas to stop at and slow down your cross-state travels. Welcome to Oklahoma. Pay as you go. Hot diggidy dog!

Published by Charles Oldenfatt the Curmudgeon

If I told you the truth about myself you would think what a wad of chewed gum stuck under a church pew I am. Dull. Ordinary .old and fat

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