Ah ha. USA Today has printed an error.

Correction notification.

I am writing this to correct a blatant error I noticed in today’s USA Today. Not sure where their fact checkers were before this issue went to press. Perhaps out in their car eating a vegan burrito. Vegans almost always think all they have to do is just blankly stare at a news item and it is automatically spell and grammar checked. Wrong burrito breath.

I was reading the entertainment section of Today and an error stuck out like a finger in a nose. How stupid of them. Obviously the fact checker had just graduated from pre-middle school or maybe Gomer Pyle’s Academy of writing.

The article was mostly about ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ The writer and his fact checker must have been under age. Too young to know what they were talking about. Possibly no more than 50 or 60-years old. Any mature person would have caught this glaring error.

The writer was mentioning the various couple participants in upcoming telecasts of DWTS. Here is where he went wrong. The information he incorrectly put out was as if it was a world first. “We also have the world’s first same-sex dancing competition couple. Wrong again vegan head. Any seasoned TV watcher would have known the girls were frequently dancing with other girls on American Bandstand back in the late 1950s and early 1960s. . The teen dance show broadcast live from Philadelphia on ABC-TV with host Dick Clark. I know this. I watched it almost every day. So, there Mr. Vegan fact checker! You are a copyboy boobhead.

Published by Charles Oldenfatt the Curmudgeon

If I told you the truth about myself you would think what a wad of chewed gum stuck under a church pew I am. Dull. Ordinary .old and fat

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