We gotta do this.

It takes a village.
Actually it takes a significant population to do the heavy lifting.  It takes a significant number of people to fund a benevolent charity.  It takes money and volunteers to run a helping organization like the Red Cross or to support research for diabetes.
None the less, it will take a little bit from all of us to help the working poor and their children, the homeless, people with pre-existing medical conditions and the disabled to be able to afford health care.  It’s up to us to do the heavy lifting for those who are unable to help themselves.  It’s our moral responsibility.  America needs either Medicare for all or a single pay health care system.  Tell your congressperson we need this.  We all can help do this.  It’s not a political issue.  But we can do this together.  Millions of us can pitch in and do the heavy lifting.  Probably doing without a monthly pedicure, couple of streaming movies and a dinner out could pay for this.  

Get your hands off your legs.

That’s what I do. Rubbing my hands all over my arms and legs. Find a zit? Scrape or peal it off. It must be a nervous habit of mine. I peal and scrape. Others just pick their nose. But not me.

I guess it’s an aging thing. I can remember back about a couple of decades ago rubbing my hands over my hairy legs but not finding such blemishes. And I did the same with my arms and shoulders. But now it’s like finding volcanic rock in the desert. Little pop-ups that appear like fleshy Ladybugs crawling on my skin. But now my leg hair is almost gone. As it is also missing on my head. Why me?

But anyway, all these spots and lumps, as my Dermatologist tells me, will cost an arm and a leg to remove. My Medicare will only cover removal of pre-cancerous spots. Those spots I have my doc says are barnacles and not cancerous. Never the less, I scrape and peal barnacles. It’s a nervous habit. I’m old but too young to have chronic barnacles. Guess I’ll start wearing long sleeve shirts and give away my walking shorts. Maybe wearing compression socks would stop the barnacles.

I really do want your money.

If you are in the classification of being very rich; I want your money. A person with too much money must give up a good portion of your currency. So, give it to me now.

I am going to recklessly spend it on crumbling bridges. Remember the I-35 W over the Mississippi River between Saint Paul and Minneapolis? It fell down with cars with people in them. Plus I want to fill every pothole on I-80 between San Francisco and Philadelphia. Saving gillions of dollars in car and tire repairs. Then without much thought I will take out old leaded water pipes in most major cities and replace with suitable replacements. Then when that’s done I will start on laying new RR tracks on old railroad beds. Making it safer to run faster trains on. Then with your money I will build new school buses and hire new teachers to educate our kids. Then as soon as that is done, I will build and install renewable energy sources. Making energy costs to come down. And at the same time educate and train willing workers to build turbines and solar panels. Replace old coal burning generators with Geo-thermal plants. Then we will train new recruits in today’s technology to war against hackers and ransom mongers. Then reduce health care costs. Making for a healthier citizenry.

So yes. I want your surplus money. Talking to you Warren Buffett, to you Jeff Bezos, to you Mark Zuckerberg, to you Bill Gates, to you Mr. Big Spender. All of you. Fork it over now!


Every so often and more often than not words comes along that almost everybody likes to use in a simple sentence. It’s mostly used on cable news shows by erudite and professorial news wonks. You know like Lawrence O’Donnell, Brian Williams, or Anderson Cooper. Talking heads with a vocabulary bought from Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstrom’s. Spoken to folks like us who got our vocabulary from Wal-mart or Old Navy. None the less a word or two over used to the point that almost everyone we encounter uses these words either semi-expertly or recklessly. But used too often. I’ve heard people use one of these words surrounded by single syllable words. People obviously using a multisyllabic word to impress his or her friends. Look at me, I can say and use big words in a sentence.

And the word TV folks love to use the most is “Existential.” Meaning to exist or being in existence. Often combined with the phrase ‘existential threat.’ Ignoring a phrase like ‘danger does exist.” Or the existing threat is…” But exist is a nice simple two syllable word. Most anybody could easily understand.

But media people love big hard to pronounce and hard to understand words. Just to keep we simple minded people off guard or impressed.

There is an existential problem here. Most of us are not impressed. I’ll watch Antique Road show instead. And don’t get me started on ‘Infrastructure.’ And you can take the over used words calculus or algorithms and shove it.

I didn’t get Smallpox.

We school kids did as was suggested. Take the vaccine. It first started with a note to our parents pinned to our shirts and taken home. Parents were to sign a permission slip for the vaccine and taken back by we kids to our teachers. Then on a designated day we kids all stood in line at the nurse’s office and took our shots. As far as I can remember, no one I knew of got Smallpox. We were told by our teachers that Smallpox was not a good thing. Without the Smallpox vaccine the symptoms start with fever, headache, backache, neck ache, and a full body itchy red rash appears. All lasting for some time. Plus easy to pass on to others.

Later we also got shots for Diphtheria which is a horrible disease that coats the throat with a whitish membrane and causes high fever, a very sore throat, and difficulty breathing. Death can easily occur. Whew! So we got our shots.

Then came vaccine for Polio. Several kids I knew contracted Polio. Some lost ability to walk on their own and some kids had to be placed in an ‘Iron Lung’ because they could not breathe on their own. Many kids, including my wife at age 7, had to stay in the hospital for many weeks of therapy. Time spent alone without their parents. Scary. One gentleman that lives here in our community at age eleven had to stay in the hospital for almost two years due to Polio. So when the vaccine came along we all stood in line. First it was a shot in the arm and later it came in the form of a sugar cube with vaccine in it. So we all took our vaccine. I don’t like getting ill. It’s bothersome. Prevents kids from playing outside. None the less, it often hurts. I don’t like hurt. Here! Put that shot right here in my right arm.

I do not remember back then religious leaders or politicians ranting and railing on resisting the shots. Neither for religious or political reasons. They certainly knew better to profess such a thing. Plus parents did not want to deal with all the horrible symptoms of various diseases. For Pete sakes, GET YOUR VACCINE!!! So for now, you religious and political leaders stick it up your waazoo.

Such a big disappointment.

But before we get to disappointments. , way back in 1966 I registered as a Republican. So for a long long time I identified with conservative Republican policy. Such as it was back then.

In 2002 I switched my affiliation to the Democratic Party. It took me a while getting there though. Before I got to the big switch, I voted twice for Richard Nixon, twice for Ronald Reagan, and voted for various Republican city, state, and US Representatives before I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. But when it came to George H W Bush and his nare-do-well son, George W I just could not vote for these two political weenies. However, I thought their wives Barbara and Laura were nice lady folk.

But then I was not totally satisfied with the Democrats either. There was just something about their insisted political correctness. Lots of lockstepness on both sides of the political aisle. So finally I decided to register as a political Independent. Tired of the abortion, gun, and LGTQ issues. I’m more of the clean air and water, renewable energy, and equal rights, and let’s fix our infrastructure kind of voter guy.

But it is very sad to know there are fewer and fewer good people left in the Republican Party. Most disappointing. Most discouraging. Most maddening. Where did they all go? Long time passing I guess.

We now have the likes of Texas governor Greg Abbott along with the governors of Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, and a few others who borrowed their politics from Joseph Stalin and the Boston Strangler. Making them all the worse kind of Republicans. So sad.

Ah ha. USA Today has printed an error.

Correction notification.

I am writing this to correct a blatant error I noticed in today’s USA Today. Not sure where their fact checkers were before this issue went to press. Perhaps out in their car eating a vegan burrito. Vegans almost always think all they have to do is just blankly stare at a news item and it is automatically spell and grammar checked. Wrong burrito breath.

I was reading the entertainment section of Today and an error stuck out like a finger in a nose. How stupid of them. Obviously the fact checker had just graduated from pre-middle school or maybe Gomer Pyle’s Academy of writing.

The article was mostly about ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ The writer and his fact checker must have been under age. Too young to know what they were talking about. Possibly no more than 50 or 60-years old. Any mature person would have caught this glaring error.

The writer was mentioning the various couple participants in upcoming telecasts of DWTS. Here is where he went wrong. The information he incorrectly put out was as if it was a world first. “We also have the world’s first same-sex dancing competition couple. Wrong again vegan head. Any seasoned TV watcher would have known the girls were frequently dancing with other girls on American Bandstand back in the late 1950s and early 1960s. . The teen dance show broadcast live from Philadelphia on ABC-TV with host Dick Clark. I know this. I watched it almost every day. So, there Mr. Vegan fact checker! You are a copyboy boobhead.

A rattle in my front-end.

I am going to sue the city I live in. Sue them for causing a front-end clatter in my Honda engine compartment. It’s their roads that have caused this clunking. Pitted, potholed, and problematic. Enough so to cause a well defined clatter or rattle. Sounds like a loose motor mount or wheel strut. Most noticeable when driving over the city streets. Streets that the WPA must had forgotten to finish. They are post Depression rocky gnarly roads. You would think they were cobblestone or brick roads constructed in the late 1930s. If you follow the speed limit, one could easily bounce out of the car window. But anyway, Fred Flintstone probably laid the rock there. Even though, they appear to be paved. Paved with baseball size pits and zits.

Not sure how other people travel over these bouncy roads. One would need a four-wheeler with large oversized wheels and tires. A Jeep with a roll bar would be about right for these post dustbowl bumpy roads.

What is interesting we have a major state university in our little town. In which case you would think smooth roads would be in order. Especially since many of the students use Bird electric scooters and mountain bicycles. A scooter operator could easily be swallowed up in a single pothole. “Oh no! What happened to Willy Joe? He hasn’t been seen for several days. He was last seen on his scooter out on the street dodging potholes. Has anyone looked down in the holes?”

Find me an attorney. I’m going to sue the city for Billions of dollars. Bankrupt them for sure. I’ll get payback one way or another. Darn this city! Fix my Honda. Never mind it is twelve years old with 150k miles on the odometer.

It is more like Happy Management Day.

My dad knew what work was. Having grown up on a farm where work was hard work he almost always grabbed work by the legs and wrestled it to the ground. When he was told to do something of a laborious nature he was out the door on the job before his boss could finish his work request. Having grown up on a farm he had the tenacity and muscle to tackle and subdue any job given him. My dad almost loved work. He would wrap his arms around it and bring it into submission.

But anyway, He and his young family left his small farm in Oklahoma in March of 1941 and migrated out to the west coast and settled in southern California. After a few days looking for work he met up with a company manager who could easily see a man who knew work. My dad was tall, strong, and feared not any work. So he put my dad on the job right away. And a few short years later my dad was promoted to plant supervisor and took on that task. The company he worked for was loyal to him and him to them. So for 39 years the company and he gave each other mutual respect. Something you seldom see today.

Even though he was management the union workers under him regarded my dad well. And he was most respectful to them. A few times when the union workers went on strike, my dad also benefited from their negotiations. Bothe in salary and health benefits. He knew what was given to the union workers would be return back to him. It was a good relationship.

But these days you don’t find this kind of give and take loyalty. Most unions have been forced out of business. State legislatures along with the help of the federal government have made it very difficult to unionize or participate in collective bargaining. Mostly driven by big company lobbyists. So the end result is much lower wages with little or no health benefits. Driving down the wage of the middle class worker. Plus management regarding workers as just chattel or indentured servants. So, Happy Labor Day. Work your butt off.

We need a trial separation.

There are just too many conflicting issues we are dealing with. It’s time to go our separate ways before things get worse. Issues that is almost irreconcilable.

And what I am suggestion is Texas must go its way and the rest of us suck it in and get along without them. We need a Texit. Something likes Brexit. Or some might call it secession.

I am just tired of their infidelity and careless politics. They know not of the common good. I’ve had enough of George W Bush, Rick Perry, and this fat headed blowhard governor Greg Abbott. Mental pigmies all of them. Just a bunch of blustering buffoons. Not knowing their anus from an anthill. Furthermore they can keep J R Ewing and the Lone Ranger. Plus they could take the Dallas Cowboys and shove it. I’ve had it with them. They can keep the Alamo and Six Flags over Texas and we here in Oklahoma will keep the Red River and Lake Texhoma. So there is the exit and don’t let the door hit you in the


Bla bla bla.


Recently viewing some of your MSNBC host’s interviews the interviewer kept talking over the interviewee. Making it difficult to follow the conversation. It almost seemed rude of them to do so. It is obvious to me that in these already confusing times to hear two clashing voices walking all over each other. And forgive me for being sexist but it has been mostly women. Women who do not realize there is a half second delay in the skype or zoom telecommunication causing a cross-over of voices. I notice Brian Williams, Lawrence O’Donnell and even Rachel Maddow remaining silent a second or two after the interviewee is finish. Making for a non-interrupted statement. So, my advice is to just shut-up until the interviewee is finished. I would have thought these few women’s program producers would have mentioned this fact to them. I guess in the excitement of the moment, they feel it an imperative to join in the blather. It is so obvious to the viewer/listeners. And don’t get me wrong it mostly happens to women interviewers. Women just don’t understand good production. But I’m not sexist. Really. Believe me. Why can’t they be like we men? Stop rolling your eyes.