No need to go to the ER.

It has never been understood by others and myself why corporations and large businesses resist in helping to establish government sponsored health care. Medicare works quite well so why not have Medicare for all? It would take away such a heavy costly burden from businesses with hundreds enough thousands of employees. Just the administration and its costs of such a benefit is worth companies getting rid of self-insuring. Companies could spend more of their capital, time, and resources doing what they do best. Providing product and services at a minimum expense.
Plus, it helps those employees wishing to move on to other jobs at other companies. No matter if the new company could provide health care or not. Health care would not be a deciding factor to accept a new job.
Government sponsored health care in the meantime could help to lower hospital and doctor expenses. Yes, doctors and hospitals should also take the hit. I have no problem taking workers hard earned monies away from doctors and big fat hospitals.
But as we know, health care insurers would rather workers pay a middle man and its shareholders a much larger annual premium. Two to three times what other industrialized countries pay for their government sponsored health care. But as we all know insurance companies like to muddy the informational waters. Providing misinformation. Confusing the employee as well as the employer. While shoveling heaps of cash into shareholders pockets.
But as we already know large corporations and large businesses just seem to mottle forward providing minimal insurance coverage to employees at a much greater cost for themselves and their workers. Invariably Passing the inflated cost on to the company’s customers.
Economist after economist have proven without a doubt it would be far less costly to offer government sponsored healthcare. Where the citizen/worker along with rich and corporations would bare most of the cost. But at a far less annual expense. Call it Medicare, Universal care, single pay, socialized medicine or whatever you wish to call it. Government sponsored health care would save the individual hundreds of dollars per month plus provide care for people normally going without health care coverage. People who typically use the ER as primary care. And at the expense of counties and states.
It seems so simple. Good economic sense almost always suggests to cut out the middle open palms of profiteers. Thus, passing along the savings to the employer as well as the employee. This is not to say private insurers couldn’t compete. Of course.
Bring it on. Let’s try it. We might like it.

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