Homeroom was not for the faint of heart.

Second period. At our junior high second period was always ‘Homeroom.’ Meaning we had an extra 30-minutes to discuss topics not related to the period’s curriculum. This was seventh grade 1956. The curriculum was metal shop. Our teacher was Mr. Leo Fanar. A tall balding man in his thirties and about six-foot two. He stoodContinue reading “Homeroom was not for the faint of heart.”

Book Report.

February 1 2023 On this same date in 2003 I woke up to the news the Space shuttle Columbia broke apart on its re-entry over Texas and scattered it’s remains from Texas to Louisiana. I and others were about to graduate from the Guide dog school in San Rafael, California just north of San Francisco.Continue reading “Book Report.”

This is one job that requires a good recipe.

Working the Gig economy. I often read in the newspapers ideas for generating extra income by working various odd jobs. Working a gig. Driving an Ober, dog walking, online tutoring, picking up and delivering restaurant meals, etc. Often supported by downloaded smart phone apps or downloading Zoom on your laptop. There are hundreds of jobContinue reading “This is one job that requires a good recipe.”

We had a wide panoramic view of Pearl Harbor until they built very tall Hotels in our view.

Honolulu Hawaii, A fading orange sun was slowly sinking into the placid central blue Pacific.  The mournful sounds of Taps was sounding out from the distinctive white structure of the Arizona Memorial in the waters of Pearl Harbor. As I observed this from the lanai   from the back of our townhouse overlooking all of PearlContinue reading “We had a wide panoramic view of Pearl Harbor until they built very tall Hotels in our view.”

They came to Tulsa instead.

Tulsa Ok 1976: An Asian couple with children moved in next door to us on 54th street. They originally came from Hong Kong and wanted to leave there before the British signed over Hong Kong to mainland China. They came via California. Moving to southern California first. They were David and Fanny Li (pronounce Lee).Continue reading “They came to Tulsa instead.”

The stammering bumbling POUS

G W Bush. Why is George W Bush off into retirement bliss when he created havoc for Afghanistan and Iraq and huge tax expense for we middle-class Americans. Sue him for all he’s worth. Send him into homelessness and poverty. He and his administration created a major part of our national debt and is theContinue reading “The stammering bumbling POUS”

What does this have to do with my science class?

Ranching is not for me. Junior high L A County 1958. I had Mr. Macintyre’s eight grade science class fourth period just before lunch break. We were all just settling in at our desks when Mr. Byerman, a tall red hair and bespectacled no non-sense teacher with a public-address speaker like voice came to Mac’sContinue reading “What does this have to do with my science class?”