The answer my friends is blowing in the winds.

Homes and buildings need to be a bit more aerodynamic with less wind drag. Something that would withstand a high-speed wind-tunnel test and hopefully escape damaging high wind tornados or hurricanes.
We may have to change the architectural structure of a home or building in order to reduce wind resistance. Rounded corners, stucco instead of brick, less eave overhang, roof shoulders instead of gables, and lower and smaller chimneys. And what we are trying to do is design a home with less wind catching drag.
The whole idea of aesthetic and eye appealing form may have to go the way of a box framed house and more of a low roofed dome or smooth sided ‘Airstream’ looking structure.
One idea might be to take one or some of the mothballed aircraft parked out in the western deserts and strip it’s wings and tail section and half-way bury it in the ground to achieve this aerodynamic design. Providing a dozen or more home interiors. Never the less, tossing out the old high grand and traditional Victorian looking home and replaced by a less wind resisting modern home. Using a mothballed jet might a bit far fetched but you know what I am getting at. It might have to be a Quonset hut with rounded ends. Maybe. Something like a rectangular igloo with flushed rounded windows. Windows that follow the contour of the structure while remaining aerodynamic. And some of this would have to be built into the local building codes. Especially near open ocean waters near the gulf.
But my guess this idea will not fly with architects and home designers. Even though New Englanders built the classic New England style home with simple eve less roofs with few windows. So, forget whatever I suggested. Just don’t live near the gulf coast. Live in a cave with a thick and heavy door. Good luck.

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