Ron’s grandma, Ron, and me.

Intergenerational laughs.
I would often go home after school with my friend Ron. Ron lived with his grandmother in an apartment near our high school where Ron and I attended. I knew her as Mrs. Powell, a savvy senior woman and an up-to-date on current pop culture. And for certain a good cook. I was invited to dinner more than once and accepted her invitation.
Sometimes after finishing a nice meal cooked and serve by Ron’s grandmother, we all would move to the living room and watch a daily TV serialized cartoon of The Bullwinkle Show with Rocky the Flying Squirrel. The squirrel’s real name was Rocket J. Squirrel. An afternoon cartoon show enjoyed by adults as well as children. Full of double meaning humor. Ron’s grandmother sat there a laughed out loud as Ron and I did. The producers of the hilarious series want a voice for Rocky like that of a “clueless Boy scout.” They got that right. Included in the thirty-minute program was a Canadian Mounty named Dudley Duright, a bumbling Russian couple named Boris and Natasha, and my favorite…Sherman and Mr. Peabody. All filled with adult and children’s humor. Adventure, Melodrama, intrigue, and a look back at history using the “Way back Machine.”.
If you come across this series either download them or buy from Amazon or iTunes. You’ll be glad you did. We all laughed and laughed and laughed some more.

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