Get your hands off your legs.

That’s what I do. Rubbing my hands all over my arms and legs. Find a zit? Scrape or peal it off. It must be a nervous habit of mine. I peal and scrape. Others just pick their nose. But not me. I guess it’s an aging thing. I can remember back about a couple ofContinue reading “Get your hands off your legs.”

I really do want your money.

If you are in the classification of being very rich; I want your money. A person with too much money must give up a good portion of your currency. So, give it to me now. I am going to recklessly spend it on crumbling bridges. Remember the I-35 W over the Mississippi River between SaintContinue reading “I really do want your money.”


Every so often and more often than not words comes along that almost everybody likes to use in a simple sentence. It’s mostly used on cable news shows by erudite and professorial news wonks. You know like Lawrence O’Donnell, Brian Williams, or Anderson Cooper. Talking heads with a vocabulary bought from Saks Fifth Avenue orContinue reading “Existentialitarianism”

I didn’t get Smallpox.

We school kids did as was suggested. Take the vaccine. It first started with a note to our parents pinned to our shirts and taken home. Parents were to sign a permission slip for the vaccine and taken back by we kids to our teachers. Then on a designated day we kids all stood inContinue reading “I didn’t get Smallpox.”

Such a big disappointment.

But before we get to disappointments. , way back in 1966 I registered as a Republican. So for a long long time I identified with conservative Republican policy. Such as it was back then. In 2002 I switched my affiliation to the Democratic Party. It took me a while getting there though. Before I gotContinue reading “Such a big disappointment.”

Ah ha. USA Today has printed an error.

Correction notification. I am writing this to correct a blatant error I noticed in today’s USA Today. Not sure where their fact checkers were before this issue went to press. Perhaps out in their car eating a vegan burrito. Vegans almost always think all they have to do is just blankly stare at a newsContinue reading “Ah ha. USA Today has printed an error.”

A rattle in my front-end.

I am going to sue the city I live in. Sue them for causing a front-end clatter in my Honda engine compartment. It’s their roads that have caused this clunking. Pitted, potholed, and problematic. Enough so to cause a well defined clatter or rattle. Sounds like a loose motor mount or wheel strut. Most noticeableContinue reading “A rattle in my front-end.”

It is more like Happy Management Day.

My dad knew what work was. Having grown up on a farm where work was hard work he almost always grabbed work by the legs and wrestled it to the ground. When he was told to do something of a laborious nature he was out the door on the job before his boss could finishContinue reading “It is more like Happy Management Day.”

We need a trial separation.

There are just too many conflicting issues we are dealing with. It’s time to go our separate ways before things get worse. Issues that is almost irreconcilable. And what I am suggestion is Texas must go its way and the rest of us suck it in and get along without them. We need a Texit.Continue reading “We need a trial separation.”

Bla bla bla.

Dear MSNBC, Recently viewing some of your MSNBC host’s interviews the interviewer kept talking over the interviewee. Making it difficult to follow the conversation. It almost seemed rude of them to do so. It is obvious to me that in these already confusing times to hear two clashing voices walking all over each other. AndContinue reading “Bla bla bla.”