I am most serious. So, listen up!

I have come to the sad conclusion that Republicans do not want you and me to have any social benefits. Sadness from me because I once was a long-time Republican. Republicans now would like to shut down my Social Security and Medicare. Social benefits I have paid in to. This is not a giveaway programContinue reading “I am most serious. So, listen up!”

Why did we leave there?

What we had left behind after moving from Los Alamos New Mexico to Oklahoma. Was the absolute driest, cleanest, freshest air on the planet. Almost intoxicating. Something like drinking pure sweet well water. Ah-h-h. So refreshing. Plus I had not perspired much in the three and a half years we lived in Los Alamos andContinue reading “Why did we leave there?”

Prehistoric Television.

It was our first TV from the early 1950s.  A Sears Silvertone 12-inch black and white Television.  It was, what they called, a ‘table top’ model.  The picture tube was fitted in a two-foot square by two foot deep mahogany box sitting atop a wooden box frame with skinny mahogany wood legs.  This television hadContinue reading “Prehistoric Television.”

Peter Pan doesn’t live here.

Sheba, my anonymous and selfieless spouse and I have just returned from a week’s trip to the Land of Enchantment. And I’m not talking about we flew away with Peter Pan. The Land of Enchantment as some of you well know is the slogan New Mexico uses as their chamber of commerce logo. Therefore aContinue reading “Peter Pan doesn’t live here.”

Bank Robbery

Checking around a one year CD(certificate of deposit) pays a whopping 0.55 percent on a minimum one thousand dollar deposit. So a person could realize enough money for the year to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. In the meantime the banks will assess a ten dollar a month service charge on your checkingContinue reading “Bank Robbery”


  So you want congress to take away your affordable health care?  And you want congress to cancel your mom’s Medicare?  And you want congress to take away your grandparent’s Social Security?  And you want your single mom’s sister Child Health Insurance Plan cancelled?  Plus you want congress to take away your blind uncle SocialContinue reading “Politicotarianism”

Blogs are for blockheads.

Blogs, like this one, is just for the semi-illiterate and lazy. Blogs are thoughtlessly composed by the impulsive and reactionary. Hastily written with no fact checking. Opinion with no scholarship. Just stupid scribbling on an old model PC. Here is my point; newspaper journalist typically come from accredited journalism schools. People and institutions capable ofContinue reading “Blogs are for blockheads.”

Freaking Freeways

The omnipotent self-important state highway pinheads who want to widen major freeways in southern California should rethink their road and transportation strategy. More and/or wider freeways, as they propose, only serve to congest and pollute. It would place more diesel belching stinky trucks traveling over already polluted highways. Plus remove by demolishing low income housesContinue reading “Freaking Freeways”