Quality control lost its feathers.

Chicken prepared out of compliance.

I asked for the original Kentucky Fried Chicken.  What I got was Kentucky Fried Crud.  Something like summer camp chicken on a stick.  Not anything like the original baked chicken prepared with “Eleven secret herbs and spices” as advertised in the 1960s.  None the less, KFC has certainly refined its marketing strategy and knows how to sell “chicken.”  All the while they forgot how to serve up the original tasty Colonel Sanders famous recipe chicken.  This is to not mention the lame school cafeteria-style mashed potatoes and something like a canned biscuit now served with the so-called ‘Original KFC.  KFC just like other corporations back in it’s time started up with a reasonable product but, quickly figured out how to just sell something representing fried whatever.  Never mind serving up something really tasty.  Colonel Sanders must be revolving in his tomb with great anguish.  Now I know why the chicken crossed the road.  To get to Chick-Fil-A.

Published by OkieMan

I come from a family who migrated from the parched red dirt Plaines of southern rural Oklahoma. Migrating to blue collar working class community of East Los Angeles. There is where I was born. I am Mr. Writermelon. I can only write what my grammar and spell checker allows. I am neither profound nor profane. Boy howdy! Send comment to: Mr.writermelon@gmail.com

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