What she did after leaving the three bears.

Good reviews.

I got a hardy thumbs-up from granddaughter E-7.745.  “That was a good bedtime story Pops. 

It was a follow up story to the “Three Bears.”  Goldie decides to color her hair pink and return to the Bears house in the woods and was turned away due to non-recognition.  Even though she had a nice pink dress and pink Patton leather shoes.  Mama Bear said, “Don’t know you kid.  Must have the wrong house.”  Slam! Goldie returns the next day with a blue ensemble including blue hair.  Same thing.  “You’ve got the wrong house.”  Slam again.  Goldie thought to herself, what do I have to do to get a play-date with Baby Bear?

So Goldie returns the next day with play shorts and yellow top with hair washed and golden lochs.  “Goldie, where have you been, Mama Bear exclaims. Baby Bear has been looking for you.”  Duh!  Smiling face with tears of joy.

Published by Chuck The Incredible Curmudgeon

If I told you the truth about myself you would think what a wad of chewed gum stuck under a church pew I am. Dull. Ordinary .old and grumpy.

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