Bring the money back where it belongs.

It’s our money.
I have no problem taxing the rich and large corporations. The money they gained came from you and me. They encouraged us to invest in risky investments and often we lost. They charged us high interest on payday and short term loans. Shareholders got dividends on our saving accounts and nnot us. So pay the stockholder instead of the account holders. Insurance companies charged policy holders high premiums with little benefit. Instead of receiving a reasonable amount of interest on our bank accounts, we were charged bank fees to them to use our own money.
Again, the one percent didn’t find this money under a rock. It came from our own wallets. It’s our money. We need to reclaim our hard earned money.

Published by Chuck The Incredible Curmudgeon

If I told you the truth about myself you would think what a wad of chewed gum stuck under a church pew I am. Dull. Ordinary .old and grumpy.

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