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Book Report.

I really liked this book but it was recommended for grades three to six. A middle or high schooler would find it informative and entertaining as well. It is historical fiction and is titled “Letters from Cuba” by Ruth Baher, published 2020.
It is a series of letters written by older sister Esther to her younger sister still living in Poland with their mother and brothers. Esther has left Poland in 1938 attempting to join her father in Cuba. Both had left Poland to escape persecution from Hitler’s army. Esther’s family is Jewish and Esther and her father are in Cuba to earn enough money to bring the remaining members of their family to the southern Island nation.
A side benefit to this book while Yiddish speaking Esther is learning Spanish is many Spanish and English words and phrases are used interchangeably. A beginning Spanish learner would benefit from this book. I would strongly suggest finding this book in the audio version. Possibly at your local library. The audio book actor/reader does an expert job. However the print version reads well. My thirteen-year old granddaughter really liked this book.

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