Murder mystery and humor.

Book report.
This is a series of mystery murder books that I can only describe as danger with humor. Sort of ‘Murder-Lite. Never the less, the leading character is Andy Carpenter a “want-to-be” retired trial attorney living in Patterson, New Jersey with his wife, Lori a retired police officer, , and son Ricky along with two rescue dogs. Having retired several times in the past as a very successful defense attorney, Andy Carpenter is reluctantly drawn back into service. However, Andy’s first love is his rescue dog organization. But occasionally gets caught up in someone’s desperate need to be defended against a murder charge. So he often caves in and agrees to defend the accused.
But it’s the some-what dead pan and self effacing banter in-your-face Jersey guy humor dialogue between himself, his wife, his bruising body guard, and various police officers is what carries much of the story. I love the sarcasm and humor along with the mystery. The book series is written by David Rosenfelt. So, here are four Andy Carpenter books I had recently read over the past two years. You will notice some books have a Christmas connection.
Deck the Hounds, An Andy Carpenter mystery by David Rosenfelt, fiction 2018
Muzzled, an Andy Carpenter mystery by David Rosenfelt, fiction 2020
Silent Bite, An Andy Carpenter mystery by David Rosenfelt. Fiction 2020
The Twelve dogs of Christmas, an Andy Carpenter mystery by David Rosenfelt. Fiction 2016
Read them. You might like them. I certainly did.

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