Book Report.

This is a book that must be heard on audio book. The reason is clear. It is read by Tom Hanks who is a gifted reader and actor. The title is “The Dutch House,” by Ann Patchett; fiction 2019.

The father buys for the family a gorgeous opulent home to live in known as the Dutch House. However the wife and mother feel it’s much above the family’s social strata and doesn’t feel comfortable living in the lavish house. And as a result much stress and discontent occurs. Especially for the mother who suffers a breakdown and leaves. Which introduces the step-mother and the subsequent death of the father. Leaving his two adolescent children to the mercy of the step-mother. The step mother says she cannot take care of the two and asks them to quickly move out. None the less the two children seem to take all of this in stride. Just carry on and plan for the next day and life to come. You would think the kids would whine and threaten law suits but they find their way. But it’s the Dutch House that is the cause of the family’s troubles. Again, this is about the best audio book I have ever listened to. Good writing by Patchett and good reading by Hanks. It would probably work okay if read with book in hand. I liked it. Get it. You’ll like it too.

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