Book Report of a classic

John Steinbeck’s classic Earthy novel Cannery Row was most likely assigned you along with a hand full of other books to read in senior English in high school. A novel set in the depression years of the 1930s pre-world war II. However as you may know there is a sequel set in post World War II titled Sweet Thursday. Also staged along Cannery Row on the central coast of California. Presented with some of the same characters; including Doc, Mac, Hazel and introducing Susie and a few others. All centering on a few storefront businesses, a flop house, brothel, an empty weeded lot, and Doc’s marine biology business.

But anyway the title is Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck, fiction 1954. Story focuses on Doc after his return from a few years in the Army and attempts to revive his marine biology business. . Quickly the row’s occupants can tell there is something going on with Doc. Lots of drinking, loneliness, lethargy, and a need to accomplish something.

Again, it’s titled Sweet Thursday. It’s a good read with humor, sadness, determination, and a tiny bit of romance.

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