Are they Space Aliens?

What is their freaking point?!!!

Our southern governors are flat out nuts. They want to jeopardize our children and grandchildren going back to school. Back to school with some teachers and support staff without their Covid shots. Also not requiring all to wear masks. Morons all of them. I absolutely don’t get it. This issue is not politics. It’s putting our kids at risk with a serious illness. Where did these partisan mental midgets come from? In some southern states pediatric wards are full of sick kids with Covid. This is NO joke! There is one governor who refuses to alert parents of any covid outbreak at school. He is a mental lunatic on the loose. I’m pointing at you Texas.

Published by Chuck The Incredible Curmudgeon

If I told you the truth about myself you would think what a wad of chewed gum stuck under a church pew I am. Dull. Ordinary .old and grumpy.

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