For Pete sakes! Why did I ever read this?

Let me say this up front. I am not a Danielle Steel fan. Even though I read her book presented below. Now that I got that out of the way, here it is.

So here is a book some of you might like. It has all the elements of things you might be interested in. Estranged sisters, Complicated relationships, divorce, former lives and present lives, the Catholic church, nuns, Irish convents, pregnant girls, adoption, hard feelings, reconciliation, death, divorce, restoring old houses, Mother Superior, ex-nuns, writers, books, a movie star, obligatory romance, and going back to Africa to resume a previous life. Whew! What more could a reader want.

After cutting off ties with her sister a catholic nun, plus experiencing divorce and the death of her child, Melissa, a former successful author, finds an old house to restore and tries to forget the past and ignore her sister and any other relationship. Plus vowing to never write again. Her only interest for the foreseeable future is fixing up and restoring an old house she buys out in the back woods of New York. All the while becoming most depressed and a loner. And once again, all to escape a past life.

The title of the book is “Finding Ashley” by Danielle Steel. Published 2021, fiction. There is a reasonable story line but as John Steinbeck once described some book writing “too much hoopty-dootle.” Lots of filler and bla bla bla. I call it filler cheesecake. But aside from that I would have written in some different twists at the end. But why am I saying this. Steel got paid for her trouble writing this book. I will not. So shut up Chuck! But be certain, I’ll never read another Danielle Steel book again. So there!

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