So, do we want Trump back in office?

I don’t get it. We recently have been hammering Biden in the media for lack of producing good legislation. Build Back Better and voting rights reform is what we need. All the while all republicans under Trump’s heavy hand is pushing back almost all Democrat proposals. So for this we want to kick Biden out of office. Right?

Here’s my dirty little secret. I voted for Biden just to rid Trump from office. A Trumpless presidency was the goal. But to say Biden is a failure is ridiculous. Just the fact that Biden is now in the White House is a major accomplishment for all America. I feel confident that Biden will keep his hand on the wheel and keep a steady Kiel. All of this reinforced by Biden’s long time congressional and Vice Presidential experience. In the mean time all Republicans are under Wizard Trump’s spell. With their only purpose is to thwart any good legislation proposed by Biden and the Democrats. What kind of governing is this? By the way where is the good legislation from the Republicans? Tax cut for the rich is not good legislation. Restricting voters is not good legislation. Harassing legitimately voted officeholders is not a good political policy. Attacking the Nation’s Capitol building was treasonous. Threatening the lives of congress people is also treasonous. Attempting to reverse the results of an election by intimidation and threat is not good. This is NOT what America is all about.

Goal number one is Trump is out of office. Goal number two is Biden is in office. Let’s keep it that way. Trump’s history goes back thirty plus years. Thirty years of scheming, tricking, lying, and cheating his business partners. He can’t even play a round of golf without cheating. Nothing had changed while he was in office. Trump is unreliable and unfit for the office of the Presidency. That, my friends, is why Biden is now President and put there by a strong majority of the voters. Republican, Democrat, and Independent voters. “Stop the steal” is a bunch of hog wash. There is absolutely nothing to support a stolen election. It has been adjudicated dozens of times to the favor of the voters. Passing Democrat legislation is not necessarily the point but keeping the cheater Trump out of office is the real point of this whole rant. Amen!

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