Standing next to a shouting drunk lady.

Free casino shows.
So, wife and I were up in Lake Tahoe several years back visiting a number of casinos. Walking from place to place observing and listening to various free lounge acts. However, we were not gambling our hard-earned monies. No sir! Not us.
One act that we stood back from the performance stage and listen to was a trio of musicians. They called themselves “The Jets.” An act we later discovered had played as a warm up act for the yet to be discovered Steve Martin. One guy absolutely knew how to play the guitar, another was either playing a bass guitar or maybe an upright bass, and their lead singer and drummer. Part of their act was little inserted humorous stories or jokes. All performed by the rubber faced drummer. Projecting a variety of funny faces. There was this one joke about a one-eyed rooster I totally forgot. But the drummer portrayed the rooster quite well.
But anyway, here is what happened during their brief lounge performance. There was about a couple dozen of us enjoying the Jets play. Standing among us was a woman completely overcome by alcohol. A woman beginning to shout requests. “Play Lobamba for me. But the trio continued on with their act. Play Lobamba she continued to shout. Never the less the band played on. But the woman doggedly persisted. “Play Lobamba!” So, this continued for about five more minutes. Then suddenly the drummer shouted back we have no arrangement for Lobamba. I don’t exactly remember but the woman was taken away. Possibly her husband grabbed her and pulled her out of the standing lounge audience. Play Lobamba for me as she faded into the recesses of the lounge.
It’s what you put up with listening to a free lounge show in a Nevada casino. Sometimes the audience is more entertaining than the hired musical act. None the less Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to spend a few days away from the dull and normal

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