How to get less for the dollar.

They call it shrinkflation. Ever hear of it? It’s when a packaged product is reduced in size or weight but sold at the old price. No price reduction but quantity reduction instead.
For a recent example you probably have noticed a roll of toilet paper has become a half inch narrower but sold at its previous price. Smaller product at the same old price. A 12-ounce can of soft drink has been reduced to 10.5-ounces but sold at its old price. Less product and no price change. Are you following me?
Now here is something that just pisses me off. The fashion industry has zip this up. Especially in men’s fashion. Specifically, men’s trousers. Men’s pant zippers use to be about eleven or twelve inches from top to bottom. But the smart asses have chosen to shorten the zipper by about four to five inches. Leaving very little space to conduct one’s business Creating a serious logistical problem. If you know what I mean. Leaving men, no choice but to unbuckle one’s belt, unbutton the waist button, and open out the pants when using a men’s urinal. Risking dropping one’s pants to the floor and possible mooning the man standing in line behind. All in all, creating a frustrating and embarrassing moment for the guy with the short zipper. Enough trauma to cause one to wet his pants. You know what I mean? Do they still make those Levi 505 jeans? You know the Levi’s with five brad buttons down the front. Or are they now 404’s? Saving money for the manufacturer by reducing size and men’s options. and sparing the stockholder any reduction in stock dividends. Shrinkflation? Kiss my caboose!

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