Lawn mowing cover up.

A mowing distraction.
When we lived on Joplin Avenue in Tulsa, we had a large grassy lawn area in front of the house. Possibly about 3000-square feet or more of Bermuda and crab grass. Enough room to build another house on top of. Lots of lawn to mow none the less.
Our adult daughter, who lived a few blocks away, would sometimes come and mow our lawn. Both her mom and I were working full-time jobs so our daughter felt compelled to mow our lawn for us. So very nice of her.
This goes back about twenty-years ago. Putting our daughter at about thirty-something years old. Young, healthy looking, tall and red hair. Someone who would catch the eye of any passer-by when she was out mowing in the front yard.
I was okay with her mowing our lawn and paid her for doing that but, what I was in fear of was she insisted on maximizing her tan time. So, her gardening uniform was a skimpy bikini. So here we have a tall, shapely red head pushing our Toro with lots of her flesh exposed.
I didn’t mention Joplin Avenue which our house faced out on was sometimes a busy street. Lots of traffic And I’m almost certain drivers would notice the tall red head pushing the lawn mower. Especially the men passersby. Some of the same might had driven by several times. Turning around at the end of the block and making another pass just to confirm what they had just seen on the first pass. As a result, I told her she needed to cover up. So, she went inside the house and came out with a big floppy hat. Right! Oh well. Beware of slow passing cars.

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