My oral history project with Tulsa Historical society.

One of the more interesting oral history interviews was with Robert J Lafortune. Notre Dame grad, former mayor of Tulsa, family patriarch, and successful businessman in Tulsa. Among the many questions I ask him was, how di Lafortune Park come about? For those who don’t know where or what Lafortune park is; it is inContinue reading “My oral history project with Tulsa Historical society.”

This is one job that requires a good recipe.

Working the Gig economy. I often read in the newspapers ideas for generating extra income by working various odd jobs. Working a gig. Driving an Ober, dog walking, online tutoring, picking up and delivering restaurant meals, etc. Often supported by downloaded smart phone apps or downloading Zoom on your laptop. There are hundreds of jobContinue reading “This is one job that requires a good recipe.”

They came to Tulsa instead.

Tulsa Ok 1976: An Asian couple with children moved in next door to us on 54th street. They originally came from Hong Kong and wanted to leave there before the British signed over Hong Kong to mainland China. They came via California. Moving to southern California first. They were David and Fanny Li (pronounce Lee).Continue reading “They came to Tulsa instead.”

Lawn mowing cover up.

A mowing distraction. When we lived on Joplin Avenue in Tulsa, we had a large grassy lawn area in front of the house. Possibly about 3000-square feet or more of Bermuda and crab grass. Enough room to build another house on top of. Lots of lawn to mow none the less. Our adult daughter, whoContinue reading “Lawn mowing cover up.”

The Okie summer nectar.

What’s in that bucket pops? Looking back over my Okie heritage, a summer had never passed without the turning-churning handle of the coveted ice cream maker. Possibly a wooden sided hand-cranked ‘White Mountain.’ And my Okie parents were in to this Heart and Soul. It was a big part of their Oklahoma heritage. A summerContinue reading “The Okie summer nectar.”

Non-stop gas pee and go.

Road trip. Almost every summer our family made a road trip from Los Angeles all the way to Wilson, Oklahoma. Non-stop. Approximately 1500-miles. Usually during the month of August. The hottest month of the summer. August was the only time available for my dad’s vacation. He was low man on the seniority totem pole atContinue reading “Non-stop gas pee and go.”

Okie poet society, a poem.

Red Dirt Poetry. By Okie beyond borders Dusty winds whistled about Through the baren leafless trees. The rusty sandpaper sky hung over the horizon like a theater backdrop As if In a John Steinbeck novel. Shuffling and searching in the foreground for whatever meager sustenance there possibly could be Were silhouettes of three searchers. Billy,Continue reading “Okie poet society, a poem.”

A pillowy mound of pillows.

I absolutely don’t get it! Sheba, my secret spouse, insists we have piles and piles of pillows on our bed. Pillows that cover half the bed. And we are talking a queen size bed. What is Sheba trying to accomplish here? Are we to hide under them during a bombing raid? Or dig in underContinue reading “A pillowy mound of pillows.”