Book Report.

Book Report
I don’t know if it was intended to happen this way by the author but the book, I just finished listening to had an extraordinary reader. Voice actor he is best described as. Coupled that with good writing was a voice so matched to the story it brought an almost third dimension to a two-dimensional book. Or maybe it would be best described as bringing technicolor to black and white pages. But anyway, I strongly recommend ‘listening’ to this story on audiobook. Allen Lewis Rickman is the reader. He easily pours over the words with a most convincing Russian accent. One must have lived in Russia for a while to accomplish such a proletariat brogue.
The title of the book is “The Kitchen Boy” A novel of the last Tsar by Robert Alexander, historical fiction 2022
Here is the Library of Congress annotation:
Drawing from decades of work, travel, and research in Russia, Robert Alexander re-creates the story of the final days of Nicholas and Alexandra Romanov as seen through the eyes of their young kitchen boy, Leonka. You will like this audiobook. I liked it. It will amaze you. Go on a road trip and listen. Or get out your coloring book and listen to The Kitchen Boy.

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