Biography: Cokie Roberts.

Book Report Most of us had followed this woman’s career ever since the early days of PBS and NPR. A woman who knew Washington inside out and all around. Up until her recent death she was heard each week explaining politics on NPR’s Morning Edition. Earlier in her career she was seen on weekends ‘talking-head’Continue reading “Biography: Cokie Roberts.”

Book Report.

Collaboration. The skill of a suspense writer co-authors with a country music legend who has been there and done that. She certainly knows of which she speaks. For any country music want-to-be, for the reader this book could possibly offer some advice on navigating the basics of “making it big” in country music. Maybe. ButContinue reading “Book Report.”

Where is that guy who created Toy Story?

Whatever happened to John Lasseter? Remember John Lasseter? He and Steve Jobs started Pixar. The animation studios that produced Toy Story and other computer animated movies including Cars. Read the book ‘Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Many pages were devoted to explaining who John Lasseter was back then. But sadly he was released from DisneyContinue reading “Where is that guy who created Toy Story?”

Book Report.

Book Report. Author of this memoir was born near Baltimore not far from Washington, DC. He co-authored with Bob Woodward the bestseller ‘All the President’s Men.’ This autobiography starts off with sixteen-year-old Carl Bernstein armed with the suggestion from his father, a local union leader that had encouraged Carl to apply for a reporter’s job.Continue reading “Book Report.”

Brothers Grimm! Kiss my butt.

`Story time rewrite. The original version of the story just does not work. The rough edges need some buffing and sanding down in order to present it responsibly to your grandchildren. Kids today just could never go for guts and gore. So, sanitizing the original story is most necessary. But all of this is dependentContinue reading “Brothers Grimm! Kiss my butt.”

My Book Report.

Book Report. So here you have two parentless Irish immigrant kids arriving in a new country, a run-away slave seeking freedom, and a California gold mining man from China. All looking for a new life or hopefully new opportunities in the expanding land called America. Experiencing both success and hardship. Some traveling on, working for,Continue reading “My Book Report.”

Book Report, bestseller.

Book Report Even though this book comes in print and E-book version, the audio book is most entertaining. The young lady/voice actor gives this book a third dimension along with a little bit of Technicolor. None the less, it can be found in print if you wish. Twenty-five-year-old Molly Gray or as some call herContinue reading “Book Report, bestseller.”

Not certain of the ending yet.

I am reading a book. A book titled Black, White, and the Grey. It’s about a New York white guy who wants to establish his own restaurant in Georgia. A restaurant cheffed by a black woman. A black woman who lives in New York but the two of them establishes a restaurant in Savanna, Georgia.Continue reading “Not certain of the ending yet.”

Probably the most important Book Report ever.

This book report is about the iconic and most cherished comic strip that influenced more lives than all the entire Sunday Funnies combined. Peanuts. At least that’s what I think. This is a compellation of essays from authors, journalist, and cartoonist. And what the Charles M. Schulz Peanuts comic strip meant to them in theirContinue reading “Probably the most important Book Report ever.”

The stranger in the life boat.

Book report. I try to stay away from religious stories advertised as a novel. However this story caught my attention because of its event filled narrative. A book that grabs your wavering faith. What is truth? What is fiction. What does this author know that others seem to ignore? This is not one of thoseContinue reading “The stranger in the life boat.”