A family’s history has to begin somewhere.

So here is how it all began.
I was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California. East Los Angeles to be precise in a working-class neighborhood. An unincorporated section of the greater Los Angeles area east of the all-concrete Los Angeles River. And in a community just east and downwind of the B F Goodrich tire factory. And a bit closer and Across the back alley was the Willard Battery Factory. There was a magnificent silhouette view at sunset from our front window of the Willard Battery water tower. I wish I had a photo of that.
But anyway, We lived in East L A for the first ten years of my life. I had two Okie parents, an Okie brother and one Okie sister. My youngest sister and I were born in L A. My parents called my sister and me ‘prune-pickers.’ Not sure why.
So, as you can tell there were six of us. Six of us in a 750-square foot two-bedroom adobe house on Simmons Avenue. And I’m sure you can tell we were a bit cramped. So, in 1954 we moved east to a little suburb called Montebello. A town with oil wells in the hills just north of us and a large industrial area to the south. A mix of blue collar, small business owners, and young entry level professionals.
But anyway, we moved into a larger newly built three-bedroom two bath house. For my sister and me the hard part was changing schools. We didn’t want to change.
Before I continue, let’s back up and describe where our family began. Literally a spot on the gravel Countyline road indicated by a half dozen rural mail boxes across from a one room school house. Known to the locals as Post Oak in Carter County Oklahoma. Just south of the former oil boom town gone bust of Wilson. My folks and my older brother and oldest sister lived in a four-room wood slatted unpainted prairie house across from the school on the side of the road with the crooked leaning mail boxes. At the corner where the narrow dirt road meets the wider graveled county line road.
To be continued.

Published by OkieMan

I come from a family who migrated from the parched red dirt Plaines of southern rural Oklahoma. Migrating to blue collar working class community of East Los Angeles. There is where I was born. I am Mr. Writermelon. I can only write what my grammar and spell checker allows. I am neither profound nor profane. Boy howdy! Send comment to: Mr.writermelon@gmail.com

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