I do not want to end up deep in the ocean.

It was proclaimed to be the tallest wooden frame roller coaster west of the Mississippi. Had you driven south on Atlantic Boulevard back in the 1950s from East Los Angeles all the way to Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach you would have certainly notice the tall wooden structure known as the “Cyclone Racer.” RollerContinue reading “I do not want to end up deep in the ocean.”

I’d rather eat Play-Doh.

What about avocado toast? My lovely wife loves avocado toast. I don’t! I do not like its mooshy texture and wall paper paste taste. So here is my recommendation for an alternative. We’ll just call it banana toast. Banana toast only if no one else has already invented banana toast. This is how I wouldContinue reading “I’d rather eat Play-Doh.”

Take me for a ride baby.

Lover’s lament. By C. Ayers Oh, so alluring she was. Her shape, her style, and Just the sexy purring sound she makes draws me closer and closer to her shapely body. How will I ever explain this To my wife. If I’m seen with this Most bewitching Beauty, my wife will Consider Leaving me forContinue reading “Take me for a ride baby.”

Leaving the parched farm for fertile ground.

In search of the promise. It was not an easy decision. There were those who wished they would stay. But seven souls pushed off from the motherland in search of the promise land. It was on this date in 1941 and the voyagers were determined to find a new life elsewhere. Life was a mightyContinue reading “Leaving the parched farm for fertile ground.”

What does this have to do with my science class?

Ranching is not for me. Junior high L A County 1958. I had Mr. Macintyre’s eight grade science class fourth period just before lunch break. We were all just settling in at our desks when Mr. Byerman, a tall red hair and bespectacled no non-sense teacher with a public-address speaker like voice came to Mac’sContinue reading “What does this have to do with my science class?”

There I was. Me, on national TV.

My sorted and reckless past When a senior in high school on some weekends I would catch the metro bus and ride a fair distance which included a transfer in downtown Los Angeles headed to Hollywood. About an hour trip traveling about 30-miles. I lived on the east side of L A and Hollywood, whereContinue reading “There I was. Me, on national TV.”

A family’s history has to begin somewhere.

So here is how it all began. I was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California. East Los Angeles to be precise in a working-class neighborhood. An unincorporated section of the greater Los Angeles area east of the all-concrete Los Angeles River. And in a community just east and downwind of the B FContinue reading “A family’s history has to begin somewhere.”