Holidays and Mondays.

Birthdays and holidays.
I think it is dishonoring prominent men in history when celebrating their special day on a subsequent Monday instead on their actual birthday. Martin Luther King’s birthday was on Saturday this year. Parades could easily be on a Saturday rather than the following Monday.
As we did in my school days, I’d rather celebrate Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays on their real birthday. Never mind this ‘Presidents’ day crap. I absolutely do not want to celebrate every American presidents birthday and for good reason. Just give me a day off on George’s and Abe’s actual birthday.
Now what about celebrating prominent American women’s birthday as well. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think we have a holiday for any American Foremothers birthday. Abagail Adams deserves a special day of celebration. Someone should check Wikipedia to see when she was born and celebrate that day in the year with her own holiday. Elanor Roosevelt also should have a day of celebration on her birth date. What a huge presents and influence she was in American history. Susan B Anthony should be honored on her birthday. Possibly even Mary Tyler Moore. What do you think?

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