Grapes of Wrath? Not here.

Before the sun peaked over the horizon, Carl would be up and crossing the road with two 2-gallon buckets. He was headed for the school house across the county road where he filled each bucket with fresh well water from the hand pump. Then carry Ing both buckets full he slowly started back to hisContinue reading “Grapes of Wrath? Not here.”

I need to occupy my brain with something else.

Senior mind wanderer. I’m not sure it’s just mindless fantasizing or a sign of getting old. Especially getting old and not wanting it. Mind wondering back to teenage days. Teenage days as in thinking about teenage girls. Remembering Lucy, Vickie, Pat and Pat, Terry, Mr. Oddi the boy’s vice principal’s daughter Cheryl. What cuties theyContinue reading “I need to occupy my brain with something else.”

Book Report: Nina and RBG.

Book Report Being a long time NPR listener, I first remember fearing the author of this biography reporting on the Iran/Contra controversy during the Reagan Administration. She and her NPR colleague Daniel Schorr reported on this event. She inappropriately described an Episcopal priest testifying at the hearing as a reverend “wearing his priest uniform withContinue reading “Book Report: Nina and RBG.”

This is where he was buried?

Under an oak tree. We were passing through Wilson, Oklahoma 1964. On our way to my third year of college. We stopped in to see my dad’s mother, my grand mother who we just called Granny. She was Omie Ayers to her neighbors in Wilson. My dad and I decided to stay a few daysContinue reading “This is where he was buried?”

A Gold en book report.

s A fictionalized version of how Swedish John Sutter settled the Sacramento Valley in the 1840s. The building of Sutter’s fur trading mercantile and supply fort and his saw mill on the American River. The saw mill where gold was first found. All part of the great central valley of California. But anyway, the eventContinue reading “A Gold en book report.”

The removal of early California history.

Architecture In my little town I grew up in there was an adobe structure very much like the Spanish missions of early California. It sat far back about a hundred yards from the nearby boulevard. It was something like an apartment or dormitory building instead. An adobe dwelling that was framed with leafy cypress andContinue reading “The removal of early California history.”

Needed good walking shoes.

Yes, indeed I’m walking. Now I am not saying this to just solicit your well-deserved sympathy but from kindergarten and all the way up to my senior year in high school I walked to school. Almost every day. I walked approximately two miles each way. Walked to elementary, junior high, and high school. Our grandkidsContinue reading “Needed good walking shoes.”

Leaving the parched farm for fertile ground.

In search of the promise. It was not an easy decision. There were those who wished they would stay. But seven souls pushed off from the motherland in search of the promise land. It was on this date in 1941 and the voyagers were determined to find a new life elsewhere. Life was a mightyContinue reading “Leaving the parched farm for fertile ground.”

My oral history project with Tulsa Historical society.

One of the more interesting oral history interviews was with Robert J Lafortune. Notre Dame grad, former mayor of Tulsa, family patriarch, and successful businessman in Tulsa. Among the many questions I ask him was, how di Lafortune Park come about? For those who don’t know where or what Lafortune park is; it is inContinue reading “My oral history project with Tulsa Historical society.”

There’s walnut in that piano!

Piano lesson. Now here is a story going back many years into the distant past. Looking back when we first moved to Tulsa in 1974 in order for me to take a radio announcer’s position working on-the-air for a local Tulsa radio station, wife then decided to expand her musical horizons. Since I would beContinue reading “There’s walnut in that piano!”