They came to Tulsa instead.

Tulsa Ok 1976:
An Asian couple with children moved in next door to us on 54th street. They originally came from Hong Kong and wanted to leave there before the British signed over Hong Kong to mainland China. They came via California. Moving to southern California first. They were David and Fanny Li (pronounce Lee). They took on Americanized first names because Mr. Li said most Americans could not pronounce their Chinese names. Their two children’s names were given Joseph and Josephine.
When in California they had to decide whether to move to Tulsa, where Mrs. Li had cousins or to Vancouver, BC where a large contingency of Asians live. Mrs. Li cousin owned and operated an Asian restaurant nearby. However, David worked for the city of Tulsa and she with a private company. He in accounting and she as office help. But to make a long story short, they first lived in Monterey Park, California. The very same place where many were ruthlessly shot and killed.
The family made very good neighbors. I am glad they came to Tulsa instead of staying in Monterey Park. Thank God.

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