My Dad and I watched Saturday night TV in L A.

Saturday night TV.
I miss real Saturday night TV. Starting back in 1952 my dad and I and maybe along with my mom would watch on KTLA Los Angeles channel 5 the Spade Cooley show. Live from the Santa Monica pier. Spade was a west coast version of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. Remember? A country swing band with a variety of acts. Spade had TEX Williams who sang with his giant electric guitar or it might be Tex was a midget. There was a proper lady who played the fiddle or rather the violin and wore a full-length ball gown and played classical pieces. Then there was a Minnie Pearl-like character name Lotta Chatter. Spade himself played the fiddle and sang. It all was most entertaining. But it came to an unfortunate end when Spade had shown up several times totally smashed drunk. He was asked to never come back. Later Spade in a drunken rage shot his wife and he went to prison.
Then the next guy showed up. He was Larry from Minnesota and had his own band. He too performed at the Santa Monica pier. Using his real given name, Lawrence Welk. He bought a bubble machine and hired a Champaign Lady and the rest, as they say, was history. However, I do miss Lawrence Welk as well. He had his own sound. Often called champaign music. There was Myron Florin and his sparkling accordion. He was Weird Al Yankovic’s inspiration. Then there was the guy, don’t remember his name, who sounded like he was singing from a ten-gallon baritone jug. Oh, my favorite was Bobby) former Mouseketeer) with the neon smile and danced with somebody no one knew. Then my other favorite the lovely Lennon Sisters. They had a big hit, “Sad Movies always make me cry.” Then there was the organ/piano guy with a perplexing smile. Not sure if he was smiling or sneering. The Welk show was sponsored by Geritol. An elixir for old people to give them vim and vigor. Never mind it was 20-percent alcohol.
Yes, I do miss Saturday night TV from L A. Spade and Larry! Where are yous?

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