The talking church.

The talking church

Sunday morning church.

If I were the pastor of a community church, I would remove the “pulpit” and roll it into storage.  Then I would take out ALL pews and put out dozens of round dining tables that would accommodate four or five chairs for each table.  Then ask all parishioners to sit with someone you do not know.  But before sitting down help themselves to a cup of coffee or OJ.  Then get to know the folks at your table. Including Children and adults.   Start by telling them who you are and how the others can help you.  Or just talk about what happened this past week.  Do not talk about politics or what you read on facebook.  We want this to be pleasant and informative.

The pastor will roam amongst you and attempt to answer most questions.  Your bible learning will be facilitated in small groups that meet in homes.

What do you think?

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