I was clueless what my mom had done.

Not much thinking on my part about what my mom had done to do the laundry for us kids and her and my dad as well. And I mean going back to day one. My first memories of laundry days at our little adobe home in East L A had my mom sweating over aContinue reading “I was clueless what my mom had done.”

Butchy the Chicken Whisperer. Chap 6.

I’ll lay it straight out to you. Had I never ever had to wear glasses on my face, I would not be a Chicken Whisperer. No! Never! I would have easily chosen to be the Lone Ranger. But, as you know, the Lone Ranger never wore glasses. Contacts maybe under his black face mask. ButContinue reading “Butchy the Chicken Whisperer. Chap 6.”