So this is snow huh?

When I was in my early teens and living in Los Angeles we kids drove up with our parents along with a wooden toboggan to a ten-thousand foot high mountain. A snow covered peak often called “Mount Baldy which was located in the San Gabriel Mountain range. Mountains of the Los Angeles basin. .” FewContinue reading “So this is snow huh?”

They never spoke of it.

My dad told me he would often visit the local grocery and visit with the produce manager who happened to be Japanese. The time frame was early World War II. My parents had recently moved from Oklahoma to southern California and was living in an area of Los Angeles known as Boyle Heights. On oneContinue reading “They never spoke of it.”

We did this because we were transplanted Okies.

August was the month our family traveled from Southern California non-stop to southern rural Oklahoma. This was our required annual summer motoring away from our East L A home. An obligatory trudge taken for the purpose of visiting our parent’s mother land. A trip with a promise of lake swimming, ice cold watermelon, greasy friedContinue reading “We did this because we were transplanted Okies.”

How fast can you drink that?

On our annual non-stop summer vacation trips from Los Angeles to Oklahoma we drove across the southern desert of California, southern Arizona, deserts and mountains of New Mexico, west Texas, and south central Oklahoma. On this overnight 24-hour endurance run we would briefly stop at some Texaco stations for potty and a Coke. Back then,Continue reading “How fast can you drink that?”