The very big news.

The Cleveland baseball team known as the Indians has changed their name to the Cleveland Guardians. Out of respect to Native Americans. As they should.

However, the designation Indian as coined by early explorers was a “misnomer.” The early explorers thought they had reached India. Therefore calling whomever they ran into as “Indians.” Boy were they ever wrong. Their GPS was a bit off. They had only sailed half way and came to a dead end. None the less, calling the new world in the Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas the West Indies.” They should have been called “The Locals” or “Westerners.” Maybe even the “Columbians.” So in essence unmisnomering those as Indians are even wrong.

But as a result of all this misnaming Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianola, Indio, and yet even Indiana Jones names must be changed out of respect to India. But really, Native Americans have no claim to the name Indians. Only the Indians in India. Are you following me?

So, to play Cowboys and Indians as well will have to be corrected. It probably should be “Cowboys and Originals.” Or Cowboys and the first people on the North American continent.” Does get a bit confusing.

So for the Cleveland Indians to change their name is out of respect to India. Now, does this settle this matter?

Therefore the sport teams called the Braves, The Warriors, the Chiefs, the Red Skins, or the Pow Wows must all be changed out of respect to the American indigenous people. Go Originals!

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