This kid might have the right stuff.

I’m not sure if it was just happenstance or how it finally played out. But granddaughter E-8 could be our next big Broadway star. Belt it out kid.

None the less, during a recent visit from granddaughter E-8 and going on 20; our next-door neighbor gladly loaned us her Rogers and Hammerstein DVD collection of R&H’s most famous Broadway plays as they were adapted to movie Musicals. Sound of Music, South Pacific, Oklahoma, etc. So the three of us sat down that evening and started to watch one musical. We started off with Oklahoma. But what happened early on was grandma started singing Oklahoma in her goofy grandma fashion. Then quickly granddaughter E-8 had to join in with her and sang with a very loud Broadway stage-like bravado. Almost like a half size Carol Channing. High volume and with all the correct punctuations. The tune Oklahoma was sung several times during the movie and with it was once again accompanied by a loud chorus of Grams along with E-8 chiming in with their shrill megaphone voices. Good grief!

When the movie finished granddaughter E-8 repeatedly sang the title song Oklahoma. “Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the Plaines…” And it went on and on from there until we forced grandee to go to bed. “GOODNIGHT!

Then the next morning we were once again regaled with song by the visiting pint-size Broadway singer. It was most difficult to eat one’s blueberry pancakes with an eight-year old virtuoso sitting at our breakfast table. O-o-oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the planes…” “Eat your pancakes!”

So that evening we had to choose another Movie Musical. I thought she would like Sound of Music but granddaughter E-8 didn’t really care for it. I guess the melody and words were not easy for her to follow. None the less, we watched the Julie Andrews spectacular but with no positive reaction from granddaughter. Not even “Doe a deer a female deer.”

However, after the movie E-8 began again to sing O-o-oklahoma and repeated it over several times. Loud enough to rattle the windows. So, stop your New York stage singing and say goodnight E-8.

So the next night it was with little thought we played the Oklahoma DVD once again. Forget South Pacific or Carousel. As far as E-8 was concerned, Oklahoma was the only musical Rogers and Hammerstein had ever composed.

Consequently, for the next remaining days of E-8 visit O-o-oklahoma was sang at least a hundred times before she had to go back home.

Woe unto her parents when she arrives back home. And not to mention what her piano teacher will say when E-8 breaks out in full Broadway mode. “But sweetheart, I don’t have the music sheets for Oklahoma.” But anyway, “O-o-oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the Plaines…”

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