Football Schmootball.

“I don’t understand the rules.” Granddaughter E-9 came back from the Common House where Gramma and many others were watching the big TV. Watching the local university play another university in football in the black-n-blue bowl. E-9 came back to Sheba’s and my little cottage. Granddaughter walked in and proclaimed, “I don’t understand the footballContinue reading “Football Schmootball.”

This kid might have the right stuff.

I’m not sure if it was just happenstance or how it finally played out. But granddaughter E-8 could be our next big Broadway star. Belt it out kid. None the less, during a recent visit from granddaughter E-8 and going on 20; our next-door neighbor gladly loaned us her Rogers and Hammerstein DVD collection ofContinue reading “This kid might have the right stuff.”

Very smart already.

Going into the third grade. Granddaughter E-8 and soon to be 9 is headed for third grade this fall. As far as I’m concerned she should be entering Grad-school. Just three legos short of Einstein genius. Far beyond my apprenticeship to the Seven Dwarfs. But if I were to teach her third grade class, thisContinue reading “Very smart already.”