Working the gig economy.

What some people will do on the side to make extra cash. Some walk dogs, some drive for Uber, some deliver meals for Door-dash, some will haul off lawn and garden debris, some will shovel snow, etc. etc. All to make a few extra bucks on the side. Gig jobs sometimes help ends meet. A good way to possibly pay the rent and buy a few groceries as well.

My dad and his father did gig work off the farm back in the late 1920s. So gig work is nothing new. My dad told me he and his dad only did gig work to make extra cash. Which is to say if extra cash was not needed the two of them didn’t do ‘on-the-side’ work? But being farmers they often needed extra work that paid on the side.

So this is what they had to do to earn a little extra cash. It all started with a jaunt down into the ‘holler.’ A secret place into the thick woods. Many other farmers also had their own cash rendering work place down in the ‘Holler.’ Some farmers brought corn. Some brought other grains. And all farmers had their contraption akin to a science project. Boiling pots, coiling tubes, and spouts. Otherwise known as a ‘Moonshine still. My dad’s father would get the still cooking according to his own recipe. So my dad’s job was to monitor the cooking. Certainly a skill only known by a few. None the less, this gig would often pay off. The harder part was to find enough glass jugs to pour the recipe into in order to sell the magic elixir. This gig however bought a lot of groceries. See how this works now? Find a gig of your own and do it. It might pay your cable bill.

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I come from a family who migrated from the parched red dirt Plaines of southern rural Oklahoma. Migrating to blue collar working class community of East Los Angeles. There is where I was born. I am Mr. Writermelon. I can only write what my grammar and spell checker allows. I am neither profound nor profane. Boy howdy! Send comment to:

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