It’s all how you mitigate the story.

My job as Papa? Still narrating stories for my seven-year old granddaughter at bed time. But been accused of morphing the original Brothers Grimm Fairy tale narrative into something more like a Hanna-barbera cartoon. You know the two guys who came up with the Flintstones and Yogi Bear cartoon series. Well, why not. The original Brothers Grimm Red Riding hood and Snow White fairytale are more akin to a Stephen King horror, thriller. Certainly not something Mother Goose would portray in rhyme. My story reprocessing and sanitizing are meant for young sensitive listeners.

In the original Red Riding hood storyline it describes the nearby friendly Woodsman chasing down, catching, and disemboweling the conjuring wolf with a very sharp ax. Doing so in order to extract grandma from the mean wolf’s sliced open stomach. Then there was the obliging forester acting on behalf of the evil step-mother to bring back to her the heart of Snow White. . A bloody heart to be presented to Snow White’s stepmother as if it had belonged to Snow White. But instead the forester slaughtered a wild boar and cut out its bloody heart and presented that to the mean step-mother.

Really don’t think Granddaughter number 3 would fully appreciate such a horrific story. She might possibly throw up or wet her pants. So I ‘Looneytoon’ the story a little bit to make it more TV cartoon-like. So for an example Instead of the three bears eating dull tasting porridge made from ground corn and animal lard they ate oatmeal topped with brown sugar and butter. Much easier for a grandkid to relate to. In the case of Red Riding hood, more time is spent on a chocolate chip cookie recipe for Grandma than on a gory description of the evil wolf. But when I first told these stories to her back when she was about four years old she scolded me for not telling the real story the way it was read to her back when by her parents. She said, while sitting on my lap, “Papa, that’s not the way it goes.” Just crushing my fanciful innocuous presentation. Not to mention evaporating my delicate performance persona. Absolutely no Emmy award for this. No sir!

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