Both the Right and Left are wrong.

I have been both a registered Republican and a Democrat. But now neither speaks for me because I think for the most part both are missing the point.

The point being is what most Americans want and need. Needing good health care, public education, good paying jobs, improvement and repair of infrastructure, clean environment, and most of all elected officials who can for the most part agree with the voting citizens.

But as it is we have people on the left that think All Americans want is a third school bathroom for transgender people and for the Federal government to pay for their metamorphism. Let them pay for their own transitions. Non-binaries suck it in.

People on the Right should let women make their own decisions about their physiology. To deny this is to reverse women’s rights back to when women couldn’t vote. A really stupid thing to do. Let women decide for themselves.

The conservative politician knows where their votes and money comes from. Religionists who have no influence over their own parishioners so they recruit politicians to do their bidding for them. Neither really interested in preventing abortion but one depends upon the other for votes and the other for money. Creating very strange ‘bed-fellows.’

Once again, ignoring the everyday issues facing all Americans. Americans wanting clean renewable energy, easy and affordable access to the Internet, consumer protections against unscrupulous banks and lenders, , help with natural disasters, better and faster public transportation, affordable housing for the homeless, and more. Issues most politicians seem to ignore. Politicians seem to dwell on issues that alarm, aggravate, and scare constituencies. Politicians who promise Pie-in-the-Sky but deliver ooze from the boy cow’s rear. Vote for the man or woman who you think can deliver results. Vote against the person with the most excuses and points fingers at others.

Published by Charles Oldenfatt the Curmudgeon

If I told you the truth about myself you would think what a wad of chewed gum stuck under a church pew I am. Dull. Ordinary .old and fat

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