My sage advice.

Here is my mid-term advice.  Vote for a woman every time and seldom vote for a Republican.  Yes, it’s that simple.  I am convinced women are much smarter than men.  Especially somewhat youngish to middle-aged women.  Again, do not vote for Men who are elderly and fossilized into extreme narrow right-wing politics.  I would suggestContinue reading “My sage advice.”

Both the Right and Left are wrong.

I have been both a registered Republican and a Democrat. But now neither speaks for me because I think for the most part both are missing the point. The point being is what most Americans want and need. Needing good health care, public education, good paying jobs, improvement and repair of infrastructure, clean environment, andContinue reading “Both the Right and Left are wrong.”

Why do they talk like that anyway?

Pardon my sexism but it’s mostly women waitpersons. Restaurant Waitresses who speak in a high pitch and sometimes shrill nasal tone. Speaking as if a pre-school teacher speaking to three or four-year olds. “Now boys and girls, listen to Miss Susan. Is everybody ready to order their yummy lunch? Oh how cute! I love yourContinue reading “Why do they talk like that anyway?”