How did this Thanksgiving scenario get started?

History has its ways of becoming mixed up in a sociological/psychological/political electric blender. Ending up as oil and water glop. Coming out the other end as something not recognizable.

So here we have, as related by various amateur historians the story of Thanksgiving. Re-written to suit multiple cultures. European and Indigenous. Pilgrims meets aboriginals.

First my own observation. Have you ever seen Plymouth Rock? Story goes the Pilgrims after reaching New England on the Mayflower they stepped off onto Plymouth Rock as their anchoring point. My first visit to Plymouth, Massachusetts I noticed the rock they called Plymouth Rock was in a pillared shrine near Plymouth Beach’s parking lot. A fair distance from the Atlantic coastline. However, for convenience, the Chamber of Commerce might have moved the tiny rock inland for tourist reasons. To my eyes the famous stepping off rock almost looks inconsequential. A bit smallish and not worthy of such puffed up lore. Looking down in the rock’s shrine one thinks, “Is that all there is?” It couldn’t be more than five feet long and two feet wide. Possibly weighing less than a ton. But the lore suggests it is more like the Rock of Gibraltar or like California’s rock in the Morro Bay. Nope. Not at all.

But anyway, we will correctly describe the newcomers from Europe as the Intruders and the native people as indigenous citizens. First of all, the Intruders came without Visas or papers. Absolutely uninvited and later unwelcomed. Especially since the Intruders brought with them virus and disease. Something the Indigenous folks had no antibodies. Absolutely no reason for celebrating Thanksgiving. None the less, what might have been the first third Thursday in November the Intruders spent onboard their rickety old converted wooden freighter the Mayflower. People cramp and sickly. No Thanksgiving here.

But once the Intruders started to mingle with the Indigenous people both quickly discovered they had very little in common. Maybe that the Intruders were very hungry and the Indigenous had food and knew how to grow food. Both a common interest.

But as time passed the Intruders discovered they had landed in the wrong place. Their intended destination was to navigate south near the mouth of the Hudson River. A bit warmer and a bit friendlier to uninvited Intruders. Maybe at the time and destination they celebrated Thanksgiving. Not really sure.

But anyway as the Intruders muscled their way inland and took Indigenous’ land the Intruders found reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. Never the less, I have no clue where that Pilgrim/turkey/corn growing thing came from. Write your own scenario. Happy Thanksgiving. Eat well and hardy.

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