Conversation between local indigenous neighbors about the illegal Pilgrim People.

“They were like uninvited foreign aliens. Undocumented people looking for food and a place to live. They came with no papers or visas. They don’t even speak our language or know our social customs. Where did they come from and why are they here? They seem smelly and diseased. Is there anyway we can deportContinue reading “Conversation between local indigenous neighbors about the illegal Pilgrim People.”

How did this Thanksgiving scenario get started?

History has its ways of becoming mixed up in a sociological/psychological/political electric blender. Ending up as oil and water glop. Coming out the other end as something not recognizable. So here we have, as related by various amateur historians the story of Thanksgiving. Re-written to suit multiple cultures. European and Indigenous. Pilgrims meets aboriginals. FirstContinue reading “How did this Thanksgiving scenario get started?”

Miles Standish was born too soon.

Here is what the Pilgrim women folk didn’t have on their Thanksgiving menu. A Butterball turkey bronzed, succulent, and deliciously stuffed. With a side of giblet gravy over fluffed mashed potatoes. Fluffed with real creamery grade A butter with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. Then the forever requested and ubiquitous green bean casseroleContinue reading “Miles Standish was born too soon.”