My late mother-in-law was the consumate Granny.

There wasn’t one of her grandkids who just couldn’t help but love her. And the reason being was she loved all her grandkids unconditionally. Whenever they came she would drop whatever she was doing and fix them a sandwich or waffle or pour them a bowl of cereal. She had peanut and M&M dispensers all over the house. An endless supply of cookies on top of the refrigerator. She had toys for the younger grandkids to play with. Grandma would do the laundry and iron for the older adult kids. Plus babysit the great grandkids. She did Grandmothering with all her energy.

Every once in a while she would ask me if I would like to go to Sam’s Club with her. Going to Sam’s Club was her ‘outreach’ program. We would drive to Sam’s Club and she wanted to show me everything they had in the store. Most of all she liked to visit with the ‘Sample Ladies.’ You know the older women who would be slicing cheese and giving out samples. Or frying up little sausages and handing them out on a tooth pick. And at any given time there would be at least a dozen sample ladies doling out eatable wares all over the store. No, she didn’t go there for the free samples but to visit the ladies who were mostly her age. She just wanted to chat. Talk about the ladies kids or grandkids. Any subject would do. She just wanted to know what women her age were doing and saying. And without question she really did want to know. This was her personal social club and social hour. If churches wanted to attract more older people they would recruit ‘Sample Ladies’ and place them all over the church.

Anyway our visits to Sam’s took a good hour or more. But I was happy to go because it made her feel good about herself. Glad to tag along.

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