My late mother-in-law was the consumate Granny.

There wasn’t one of her grandkids who just couldn’t help but love her. And the reason being was she loved all her grandkids unconditionally. Whenever they came she would drop whatever she was doing and fix them a sandwich or waffle or pour them a bowl of cereal. She had peanut and M&M dispensers allContinue reading “My late mother-in-law was the consumate Granny.”

Peter Pan doesn’t live here.

Sheba, my anonymous and selfieless spouse and I have just returned from a week’s trip to the Land of Enchantment. And I’m not talking about we flew away with Peter Pan. The Land of Enchantment as some of you well know is the slogan New Mexico uses as their chamber of commerce logo. Therefore aContinue reading “Peter Pan doesn’t live here.”

But what about eating at our favs.

Post card from the Land of Enchantment. Sheba , my nameless and facebookless wife, and I started off our visit to Santa Fe with a wonderful southwest meal at Harry’s Roadhouse. An eatery Sheba and I have visited more than once. A big thumbs up for Harry’s. By the way traveling here we encountered aContinue reading “But what about eating at our favs.”