Yet another Book Report.

This must be the year of the dog. Rick Bragg Pulitzer prize winner when writing for the New York Times. Bragg a Folksy story teller has recently written a book about a scrubby dog he found wandering around his mother’s rural Alabama home. Then he decided to keep the dog against the advice of his mother and brother. But anyway a reckless dog that kept getting into trouble with Braggs mothers farm animals and dogs. It was not completely clear why Bragg wanted to keep this stray and shabby scuffed up dog but kept it after the new found dog having been chased, had run away, and bitten by other dogs. Creating enormous vet bills. This book is the Southern version of Marley and me. However this dog Bragg names Speckle makes Marley and me seem like a Pomeranian lap dog. Speckle is nothing but trouble from the get-go. However Bragg’s homespun storytelling ability is what carries the book. If you can find the book in a downloadable audio book, Bragg is the reader and storyteller. Folksy and most humorous.

Title: The Speckled Beauty, A dog and his people. Non-fiction 2021.

Here is the Library of Congress annotation:
The author of works including All Over but the Shoutin’ shares his memories of a starving, one-eyed stray dog that showed up one day on the family’s Alabama property. As the dog learned how to belong, he helped Bragg through a difficult period.

The Speckled Beauty by Rick Bragg. 2021.

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