More about this Rose Parade thing.

Before I forget, I need to mention what happens the night before the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. Sometimes called New Year’s Eve. At about 10-PM people start gathering on Colorado Boulevard in the safe areas between the blue line and the curb. People setting up their viewing space out from the curb with folding chairs, blankets pick nick baskets, and some with deep fryer cookers. All along the entire five and a half mile parade route. Gatherings in the tens of thousands. By the time the parade starts the next morning at 8-AM and with good weather there would be an estimated million spectators. Give or take ten thousand sets of eyeballs or so. Usually a good time had by all.

Now if you were to cruise up and down Colorado Blvd in your car late New Years Eve evening your car and occupants will be met with happy and good timing revelers. Revelers armed with cans of shave cream, spray string, marshmallows, wet flour tortillas, and more all flung on your car. Making your car a messy goopy parade float. Requiring a quick trip to the nearest car wash or find somebody with a water hose to spray off the gook. Fun huh?

Just imagine what Moses had to put up with leading the throngs of his Hebrew followers wandering the wilderness. All outside. All homeless. And about the same body count of the gathered parade watchers in Pasadena on New Year’s morning. All confined together on that five-mile route. You should try it. It’s fun.

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