The stranger in the life boat.

Book report.

I try to stay away from religious stories advertised as a novel. However this story caught my attention because of its event filled narrative. A book that grabs your wavering faith. What is truth? What is fiction. What does this author know that others seem to ignore? This is not one of those Left Behind books describing the ‘saved’ whisked away to heaven leaving clothes and personal belongings behind.

The book, “The stranger in the life boat” by Mitch Albom, religious fiction Bestseller 2021.

A large pleasure boat out at sea with notables and celebrities on board and eventually explodes and sinks. After which starts the story with nine survivors in a rubber life raft. A raft drifting aimlessly with few paddles and many sharks swimming nearby. A few days adrift the motley crew finds a man treading water and the churning waves and pulls him onboard. Asked his name and he says he is “The Lord.” And he continues, “Believe in me and you will be saved.” A proclamation receive by the surviving crew with some astonishment and mostly disbelief. And so the story is framed and continues.

Here is the Library of Congress annotation:

Adrift in a raft after a deadly ship explosion, nine people struggle for survival. Short on water, food and hope, they spot a man floating in the waves. When they pull him in, he claims to be “the Lord” and says he can only save them if they believe in him.

The audiobook version is read by Mitch Albom. I must admit he is a good voice actor. However the print version should keep your attention. It is a short read. Read it. You just might like it.

Again, “The stranger in the life boat” by Mitch Albom, 2021.

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