The more you pay the less you get.

Have you noticed this?

Or am I the only one? They call it ‘Shrinkflation.” An example of shrinkflation is my granola bar I have been eating for years. My oat and walnut crunchy granola bar that I pay about a dollar for use to be about four and a half inches long. But after about two or three shrinkings it is still a buck but measuring about three and a half inches. Lesser product for the same price. Are you following me?

A 12-ounce can of frozen OJ is now sold in about 10.5 ounces at the same price. See the trend here? I opened a bag of Ruffles which came in the same size bag as it was a few years ago, now comes half full or half empty. All for the same price I paid a few years back. Who ate the top half? The same thing happened with some of my boxed cereals. Half empty. Where is the top half? I guess in the bottom half of the next box of cereal.

So many packaged goods times a million and minus a couple of ounces or inches is a big savings for the manufacturer but less product for the consumer. Thus we have inflation. Having to buy more and getting less. Then times this Shrinkflation with hundreds of product manufacturer doing the same. Resulting in the cost of living goes up. Then labor wants an increase in order to afford the inflated product prices. This is where the real inflation comes from. Never mind a shortage of some products. It’s your basic product manufacturer greed. “Gotta pay those shareholders or they will cash out.” So every time I go to the grocery store now, I demand a cost of living increase.

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