The next time I eat out, I’m bringing my own food.

Eating out has become more complicated. With the pandemic taking toll on restaurants, servers, back room crews, and worst of all tipping; all of this tosses a very big wet blanket over everything. Causing the hungry and in some cases the ‘food-preparing-inept to’ stop and think twice before eating out. Because of the pandemic someContinue reading “The next time I eat out, I’m bringing my own food.”

It was like having cows in our front yard.

The dairy came to us. The chilled paper carton I picked up from the dairy case read 2% MILK. Homogenized Fortified with vitamin-D. All printed on a half-gallon paper carton with a plastic screw off pouring spout. As I held it in my left hand, I couldn’t help but remember Johnny the milkman. A neatlyContinue reading “It was like having cows in our front yard.”

But wait a minute buster.

They come to serve. I still get a big charge out of a wait staffer when coming to take your food or drink order at our favorite restaurants. Especially when they are a new hire. Our last encounter was with a young man probably a freshman college student at the nearby State University. Most likelyContinue reading “But wait a minute buster.”

We be neither Julia Child nor Wolfgang Puk.

International cooking contest? Four other neighbors and myself are on one of five teams in a cooking contest. Neither one of us are known bakers, cookers, nor chefs. Certainly, least of all a chef. That’s laughable. Ha! But anyway, our team was assigned to cook, bake, or formulate something akin to German fare. German food.Continue reading “We be neither Julia Child nor Wolfgang Puk.”

This is not my father’s breakfast.

Breakfast sometimes is a little bit boring. Don’t get me wrong I love breakfast but it can be a bit same old same old. Possibly non-nutritious nor desirable. Wife thinks either toast or cheerios is breakfast. No it aint! I grew up in a household where my dad loved a big egg and meat breakfastContinue reading “This is not my father’s breakfast.”

The more you pay the less you get.

Have you noticed this? Or am I the only one? They call it ‘Shrinkflation.” An example of shrinkflation is my granola bar I have been eating for years. My oat and walnut crunchy granola bar that I pay about a dollar for use to be about four and a half inches long. But after aboutContinue reading “The more you pay the less you get.”

Not certain of the ending yet.

I am reading a book. A book titled Black, White, and the Grey. It’s about a New York white guy who wants to establish his own restaurant in Georgia. A restaurant cheffed by a black woman. A black woman who lives in New York but the two of them establishes a restaurant in Savanna, Georgia.Continue reading “Not certain of the ending yet.”

Come Saturday mornings.

Saturday was shopping day in East L. A. Shopping day for our Okie family. I can vividly remember pressing my six-year-old Okie nose and curious fingers up against the cold display glass. Glass in front of the butcher counter shielding cuts of meat away from others and including myself. Keeping cold in the display caseContinue reading “Come Saturday mornings.”

How to feed college kids.

I live in a college town. And I’m not a student. Just a retired guy. None the less I live in a bustling and busy town of post secondary students. As witnessed by others and me have notice about thirty-thousand teens and post teens shuffling about. Moving about on foot, on electric scooters, and motorbikes.Continue reading “How to feed college kids.”

Real man coffee.

I am going to re-gift my French blend coffee beans. Got them for Christmas and perhaps someone else I might know likes French blend. Right? I don’t. My coffee drinking mentor was my Okie farmer dad. He almost always drank his coffee black. Just coffee grounds straight from a can of Folgers. I am almostContinue reading “Real man coffee.”